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Skinergy™ Collagen Shot is formulated by renowned scientist, this clinically tested oral supplement effectively helps the cells to regenerate resulting in wrinkle reduction, increased moisture retention, reduced melanin formation (pigmentation) and provides superior sun protection (UV Protection)! 

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Skinergy™ Collagen Shot is an award winning collagen supplement. Tried & tested, proven and trusted by doctors and medical practitioners in Singapore. Harnessing the new-age potential of science and technology, this oral supplement effectively helps the cells to regenerate resulting in reduction in fine lines & wrinkles, increased moisture retention, reduced melanin formation (pigmentation) and protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which leads to premature aging of the skin.


How Is It Different From Other Types of Collagen?

Skinergy Collagen Shot is made using hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which are specially engineered to reach the dermal layer of our skin to work faster and more efficiently.

Our key active ingredient, Bio-Optimised Marine Collagen (BMC) peptide underwent over 5 years of intensive research and development to identify the stimulus that aids in our skin’s own collagen synthesis. It has the capability to not only replenish but stimulate collagen production in our cells.

Another key factor that contributes to an effective collagen product is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is critical to have in collagen supplements. It is a key cofactor in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Simply put, it acts as a sort of glue that binds collagen fibers together.

Skinergy Collagen Shot is a power packed cocktail of nourishing and high quality ingredients infuses directly to repair and hydrate the skin. It enhances skin elasticity to restore your natural radiant glow.

Skinergy Collagen Shot is a premium quality solution that is clinically certified and trusted by doctors to keep skin in optimal condition and protect it from harmful UV rays.

Clinical Trial Results

A one month clinical study evaluating the efficacy of Skinergy™ Collagen Shot amongst 29 women age 35 to 65 reveal impressive improvements in skin hydration and wrinkles.

Clinically Proven | Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

Backed by science and results, Nuceuticals Skinergy Collagen Shot have been published in a peer-reviewed journal where our article had gone through an evaluation process in which journal editors and other expert scholars critically assess the quality and scientific merit of the research article.

Exclusive Proprietary Ingredient – Nutrinox 

Nutrinox™ is our proprietary blend made of Bio-Optimised Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, and other antioxidants that have been clinically tested to boost our bodies own skin cell synthesis, which increases the speed and effectiveness in reversing the signs of aging.

  • Improves cellular health
  • Increases skin moisture and delay wrinkle formation
  • Evens skin tone and brightens skin
  • Improves blood flow and prevents blood clots
  • UV protection and prevents cellular DNA damage, sunburn and hyperpigmentation
  • Anti-inflammatory, calms and soothe the skin

Forms of collagen supplements

There are different forms of collagen products in the market. It ranges from collagen powder, to jelly and liquid form. Skinergy Collagen Shot comes in liquid form, specially designed in a 15ml sachet that is small and convenient for busy individual to carry along with them daily.


Award Winning Collagen Supplement 2022:
(Best Hydrating Oral Supplement)


• Ingredients include: Bio-Optimised Marine Collagen (BMC) Peptide, Vitamin C, Polypodium Leucotomos Extract (Fern Extract), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Astaxanthin (Micro Algae Extract), Peach Juice, Lemon Juice, Water, Stevia, Peach Flavour.

Stimulate our body’s own collagen production in addition to replenishing

• Purified form of collagen that underwent more than 5 years of intensive R&D to identify the stimulus

• Smaller chains specially engineered to reach the dermal layer of our skin to work faster and more efficiently

Nuceuticals Ingredients

Adults: Consume 1 sachet daily any time of the day. Drink on its own or mix into your beverage before or after meals.

Not suitable for people who are allergic to ingredients listed.

If you have a known allergy to any listed ingredients, please do not consume the product.

If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before consuming the product.

Based on 8 reviews
BelandBray Karen L.
BelandBray Karen L.
Loving it! I was out 3 full days in a week for various events & I'm so glad I was burnt a single time! Previously before i take Skinergy Collagen Shot, I'm easily red & burnt under the sun (yes, even with Sunblock & all!), but this time round, I didn't feel the sun impact as bad & I wasn't even burnt! That's my most amazing experience & I have to attribute Skinergy Collagen Shot for that! As for fine lines & wrinkles, I didn't quite observe them before I started so I don't have much for comparison, but my skin definitely feels much supple & plump these days!
Elaine Heng (mselaineheng)
Elaine Heng (mselaineheng)
I love Skinergy Collagen Shot! After taking it for a month, I notice that i have lesser breakouts and my skin looks radiant and healthy. It's so easy to consume as it is in sachet form and I can bring it anywhere. It can be consumed on its own or mix with other drinks.
Dawn Sim
Dawn Sim
My ah-ha moment after consuming this for a month is how my skin actually didn't get burnt after having to stay under the scorching hot sun for work for days in a row! Worked just like it promised. And my skin also felt more hydrated too!
Q Hvefjn
Q Hvefjn
I’ve been taking a collagen shot every morning and I’ve seen a significant difference in my skin elasticity, as well as my past acne scars lightening up a lot faster. I also noticed that I look a lot more well rested. The sun protection that it provided me was also very significant. I was exposed to the midday sun at work and forgot my sunblock. I was expecting my skin to be sunburnt and peeling in a few days but it didn’t happen.
Belinda G (Bel)
Belinda G (Bel)
Great drink! Overall my skin is more hydrated and brighter ?
Karen Soh
Karen Soh
Love the taste and the results !
The only collagen that I have found so far with UV protection. I must say it’s really effective and my skin glows after 2 weeks consumption. Im also impressed that it’s good and fast for wound healing if you get a small cut. Try it if you have not done so..
Jme C
Jme C
This is the best collagen (with UV protection) supplement I’ve tried! I’ve experienced results after a month. Would recommend to buy!

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