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This Collagen Supplement Has Been Clinically Proven To Reduce Wrinkles & Boost Hydration

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When it comes to skincare, we know all about having a good routine that involves the likes of serums, moisturisers and sunscreens. But skincare doesn’t just extend to topical products. Ingestible supplements could help too, like with collagen supplements for instance.

As you may know, collagen is a type of protein in our bodies that contains amino acids, and is responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. But with age, our natural collagen reserves start depleting, and the result? The increase in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

Here’s where collagen supplements come in, like Skincare brand Nuceuticals Skinergy Collagen Shot. And it’s not just any collagen-based offering. Formulated by Nuceuticals’ team of scientists and doctors, it has been clinically proven to back its claims of reducing wrinkles and boost hydration for plumper-looking skin. It also snagged the winning spot for Best Hydrating Oral Supplement at our Best Beauty Buys awards this year.

Skinergy Collagen Shot’s active ingredient is the Nutrinox, a proprietary blend that includes bio-optimised marina collagen — derived from sustainably sourced marine fish — to aid in wrinkle reduction and help spike the skin’s moisture levels and suppleness.

Thanks to five years of intensive R&D, the supplement contains a purified form of collagen, which stimulates the body’s own collagen production in addition to replenishing it.


There’s a host of other skin-healthy ingredients in the mix — think rosemary extract, micro algae extract, vitamin C, and fern extract, with skin brightening and anti-inflammatory properties, to even skin tone, calm the skin, and prevent cellular DNA damage.

It also offers UV protection to combat hyperpigmentation and sunburns, all of which contribute to the signs of ageing. In fact, the brand says it helps defend against four types of radiation: UVA, UVB, blue light and infrared hazards.

And because it’s specially formulated with smaller molecules, this makes the Skinergy Collagen Shot more digestible and readily absorbed by the body. According to the Nuceuticals’ clinical trial, respondents took between 28 to 37 days to experience marked improvements to their complexion with daily consumption.

It’s recommended that one sachet be consumed a day, and especially during the daytime for optimal UV protection.


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