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Clinically Tested

Complete Skin Protection - One is all you need

Formulated to hydrate, stimulate collagen production, even skin tone, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, prevents sunburn and hyperpigmentation.

Wellness Through Science and Innovation

Skinergy™ Collagen shot is formulated to address ageing skin concerns and help rejuvenate and strengthen the skin cells for healthier, firmer skin by building a strong dermal layer structure that can protect the skin against environmental stressors.

Wellness Through Science & Innovation

Our cells and DNA play a vital role in keeping one looking healthy and radiant.

NUCEUTICALS Skinergy™ Collagen Shot helps to support healthy skin rejuvenation and improve overall well-being through enhancing and revitalising the building blocks of our body - our cells.

Significant Improvements

93% Saw Improvements in wrinkles by the 28th day of consuming Skinergy™

Cell Repair & Protection

Nutrinox™ in Skinergy™ is specially formulated for cell repair and protection

Healthy Skin

Formulated to solve skin problems from within

Skin Hydration

Proven results to improve skin hydration softness, suppleness and smoothness

Harnessing Science and

Technology for a Better Quality of Life

Hydration Is Key

Increase In Skin Hydration

Wrinkle Volume

Reduction In Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Significant Improvements

Improvement In Oil Balance

Improvement In Skin Texture

Improve Skin Firmness, Softness & Smoothness


The clinical trial conducted and user testimonials prove that Skinergy™ Collagen Shot formulated with Nutrinox™, effectively helps the cells to regenerate resulting in wrinkle reduction, increased moisture retention and reduced melanin formation. The polysaccharide complexes contained in Skinergy™ , following digestion, produced smaller molecules than tested competitor products.Therefore, making it more bioavailable to the body. Clinical trial respondents experienced exceptional improvements to their skin within 28-37 days of daily consumption. Over 60% of respondents experienced a significant improvement in their skin.

Clinically Proven | Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

Backed by science and results, Nuceuticals Skinergy Collagen Shot have been published in a peer-reviewed journal where our article had gone through an evaluation process in which journal editors and other expert scholars critically assess the quality and scientific merit of the research article.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is suitable to consume Skinergy™ Collagen Shot?

A: There are no known side effects of Skinergy Collagen Shot. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consuming any dietary supplements. Do not consume Skinergy collagen shot if you are allergic to fish.

2. What is its source of collagen?

A: Skinergy™ Collagen Shot contains collagen peptides from marine fish that is sustainably sourced. It is a low-molecular-weight peptide, enzymatically hydrolyzed from the collagen tissues of marine fish.

3. What is Nutrinox™?

A: It is a proprietary blend of Bio-Optimised Marine Collagen {BMC), rosemary extract, asthaxantin and po lypodium available exclusively in Skinergy™ Collagen Shot.

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